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New Jersey Fishing Charters

New Jersey Fishing Charters

NJ Tuna Fishing Charters and Overnight Canyon Charters are our specialty.    LOW PROFILE  docks at Avalon Point Marina.  APM  is one of the most conveniently located marinas in all of Cape May County, New Jersey.    Many times,  you'll find the us working a scallop boat on the way to the canyons with not another sport fish in sight.  Fishing Avalon, allows our NJ Charter Boats to fish areas not frequented by the Cape May Charter Boats, like the Spencer, Lindenkohl, and Carteret Canyons.  New Jersey Charter Fishing in the mid atlantic canyons is one of the most exciting big game fishing trips to be found. You can catch virtually every type of tuna, in addition to swordfish, big sharks, dolphin, and marlin

Over Under Sport fishing operates South Jersey's premier canyon tuna charter boats. From May through November, you'll find us tuna fishing the NJ Canyons out of Avalon, NJ just north of Cape May. From expert angle, to complete novice, OU will cater the trip to your particular desired experience. Full instructional charters are also available.

NJ Charter Fishing in the canyons is one of the most exciting big game fishing trips around. You can catch virtually every type of tuna, in addition to swordfish, big sharks, dolphin, and marlin.

10 Hour Shark Fishing Charters!

Beginning in early June we will be shark fishing for Monster Sharks! Mako Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Blue Sharks, and many more are to be had only 30 to 40 miles offshore. NJ Shark Fishing is usually quite active, but only lasts a few weeks, as the water warms to just the right temperature. The Shark Fishing will begin when the bait (typically bluefish) move in, and will end, when the water warms in later June and they move offshore. If you want to get out on a great Shark Fishing Charter, June is the time. The run to the Shark Fishing grounds is relatively short and typically we don't go further than 40 miles. Our Shark Fishing Charters are 10 hours long, versus our Tuna Charters which start at 12 hours. Give us a shout to set up your NJ Shark Fishing Trip! We also fish the Cape May Shark Tournament and are available for Charter for this great event as well as several other small Shark Tournaments.

12 Hour Offshore Tuna Charter!

In late June we start running day trips for Tuna. The Bluefin Tuna typically are the first to show and we can troll for them, chunk, jig, or a combination of all of the above. Our New Jersey Tuna Charters are top notch and we have a habit of putting big fish in the boat! Check out the photo at the bottom of the page, which shows our guys with both the first and second place Bluefin Tuna at the annual Jersey Shore Classic Fishing Tournament last year. Normally we depart around 4am on our New Jersey Tuna Charters, returning about the same time that afternoon. The run to the Tuna grounds is typically 40-55 miles, and our 12 hour tuna trips mostly fish inside the canyons in 30 to 50 fathoms. For a canyon fishing charter, we recommend our 16 hour or 22 hour canyon trips. They allow us enough time to get to the canyons, typically a 70 mile run, and still have plenty of fishing time. The 12 hour trips are primarily Bluefin Tuna trips, although depending on conditions, the Yellowfin Tuna may be found inside the canyons on these trips also. Each year is different, and what makes tuna fishing here in New Jersey so exciting.

16 Hour Canyon Fishing Trips!

Beginning in Early early July we will offer long day trips to the canyon for Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin, Marlin, and Bluefin Tuna on the way in or out. Our run to the New Jersey Canyons is about 70 to 80 miles from the Cape May area and we can fish from the Lindenkohl to the Poormans canyon on our 16 hour Canyon Fishing Trips. We target Yellowfin Tuna, White Marlin, Dolphin, Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, and Blue Marlin on these trips. Typically we leave around midnight, arriving in the Canyons just before daybreak. We troll all day, returning to the dock around 4pm in the afternoon. Sometimes we can mix in some chunking or jigging before sunrise, depending on the time of year and whether or not the Tuna are responding better on the chunk or troll. Dolphin are often number around the lobster gear in the Canyons and Wahoo and Marlin are often mixed in with the tuna. The run to the fishing grounds is typically around 3 hours.

22 & 46 Hour Overnight Tuna Charters

We have become known for running a lot of Overnight Tuna Charters, as our crews and customers love them. No other trip allows you the maximum chance to put a nice catch of fish together and experience several different types of new jersey fishing all on one trip. We will almost always both troll and chunk on these trips, moving up and down the edge of the canyon until we find the Tuna. When we do, we stop right there and fish. We will deploy up to 2000' of anchor line to hold us over the tuna when we find them. If we feel a drift will take us over productive water, we will drift, but more often than not, we will throw the anchor on a temperature break, a pocket of warm water, bait concentration, or just simply an area in which we are getting bites. This is just one of the extra steps that we take at OU to maximize our clients' chances of having a memorable trip. Our 55' Custom Carolina built LOW PROFILE has the speed and range to fish from the Hudson Canyon to the Norfolk Canyon, and out of Avalon, NJ we are perfectly positioned to go where we need to go, in order to put the boat on the fish. Our base trip is up to 80 miles, which keeps prices low and allows us to fish from the Lindenkohl Canyon to the Poormans Canyon. If the bite is hot and we need to go a bit further, we just charge for our extra fuel.

New Jersey Overnight Tuna Charters - A Typical OU Itinerary

New Jersey offers many types of fishing and we can target them all! Read up on the species of fishing you are looking to do.

NJ Flounder Fishing - Starting in April each year, we get a great run of Flounder Fishing  in New Jersey.  Great fun for the whole family, we can Fish for Flounder in the back bays, or offshore.  Early in the season, Flounder are mostly taken in the back bays and as the ocean water warms,  NJ Flounder Fishing moves out into the ocean in the  40 to 100' depths.

Cape May Striped Bass Charters - One of the best fisheries for striped bass in the world, Cape May offers access to both the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean.  Typically our Striped Bass Fishing Trips are 5 or 8 hours and we use both live and dead bait, as well as troll and jig.

NJ Bluefish Charters - A great family trip or a group of guys looking to fill the coolers.  Trips can be either 5 or 8 hours and the fall offers a great time to target the monster Bluefish in NJ.  All summer we catch smaller snappers which are great fun for the kids on light tackle.

NJ Shark Charters - For a brief period in early June, NJ Shark Fishing is red hot and we get shots at nice Mako Sharks and Thresher Sharks on the inshore grounds.  Usually June 5 to June 20 is prime time for NJ Shark Fishing.  After June, most of our shark fishing is done at night in the Canyons on our overnight Tuna Trips, which again offers us great chances at Makos, Blue Sharks and other NJ Shark species.

NJ Tuna Charters - Our specialty for sure.  Daytime, nighttime, trolling, chunking for tuna, we do it all.  Starting in late June and going right into November, we fish for tuna in NJ.  Bluefin Tuna  are first in late June and July, and the Yellowfin usually show in late July and grow larger and more prevalent on into September and October.  NJ Tuna Fishing can be the trip of a lifetime!  12, 22, and 46 Hours all work for Tuna Fishing in NJ

NJ Marlin Fishing Charter - Yes, we Fish for Marlin in NJ!  White Marlin are quite common in August and September.  A good day, might allow you to have shots at as many as 10 to 20!  On most days during this timefram we will see 2-5 fish, but it can get red hot and the Marlin bite often explodes in the NJ Canyons for a couple weeks in late August or early September.  NJ Marlin Charters!  Plan on a 16, 22 or 46 Hour trip to allow us to get to where the Marlin Fishing in NJ is best.

NJ Swordfish Charter - On all our overnight Canyon Trips, we target Swordfish at night, in addition to tuna.  Swordfish in NJ can range from small 30 pound pups, to monster 300 pound Swordfish.  One of the strongest fighting fish in the ocea, hooking up to a swordfish in the NJ Canyons is a thrill no matter how many you've caught.  22 and 46 hour trips are a must and we target NJ Swordfish at night with squid, mackeral, and sardines.

Sea Isle City Fishing - Fish the back bays of Sea Isle City for Flounder, Blues, and Stripers.  Short 3 hour trips are available, on up to longer Sea Isle City Fishing Trips out to the reefs and lumps.

Stone Harbor Fishing - Fishing the back bays behind Stone Harbor is an easy, quick fishing trip, perfect for kids and adults of all ages.  Short 3 hour trips are available, on up to longer Deep Sea Fishing Trips, out of Stone Harbor.

Avalon Fishing - Another great inshore and back bay option for adults and kids alike.  From Avalon Pointe Marina, you have easy access to both the back bays and offshore waters, for Deep Sea, Inshore, Reef, and Back Bay Fishing out of Avalon, NJ.

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